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Bio Blocks

Fast Acting Biological Urinal Blocks

Biological, biodegradable and bleach free de-odourizing blocks that naturally break down urine and organic waste whilst bringing a touch of fragrance to your washroom.

Bio Blocks are kinder to the environment than traditional urinal products, and contain no pDCB which is carcinogenic.

  • Biological
  • Biodegradable
  • Septic tank friendly

Why choose Bio Blocks?

Powerful & effective

Digests organic urine crystals rapidly so keeping urinal drain lines running freely.

Easy to use

Convenient and easy to use

Environmentally friendly 

Unlike traditional channel blocks they are pDCB free. (pDCB is recognised as being a carcinogenic material and a water polluter).

Bleach free

Biological, biodegradable & environmentally friendly

Pleasantly fragranced

Deodorises & naturally removes unpleasant odours

How to use

  • In individual urinals, simply place 1 in each urinal.

  • In trough urinals, place approximately 50cm apart.

  • Replace when reduced to 5-10% of original size.

  • NB: In “waterless” systems, we recommend regularly sluicing urinals with our biological multi-purpose surface spray Bio Clean - ideally daily or every second day.

Where to use

  • Designed for use in traditional urinals or in “waterless” systems.
  • Bio Blocks are septic tank friendly.

Technical data


Solid blue blocks

Specific Gravity AT 20°C



Approx. 7.0

Bacterial count

>1.0 x 10⁷ cfu/ml

Flash Point

>93° C


Pleasant fresh fragrance

Pack sizes

  • Tub of 50 blocks
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