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WT 620 & OS 88

Demulsifiers for De-oiling Sludges

A two part product designed for use in de-oiling sludges:

  • WT 620 - sludge demulsifier

  • OS 88 - water treatment agent

Difficult oily sludges require specialized treatment to separate oil, water and suspended solids. These sludges arise from natural settlement and from primary treatment of oil emulsions.

Note: After removal of separated oil, the remaining sludge may require further treatment to complete separation of remaining oil and solids from the water phase.

How to Use

  • Typical doses vary widely and should be tested preferably on actual material before full treatment is attempted.
  • If the water content of the sludge is low, consider adding more water to mix to aid separation of the oil and solids.
  • Use WT 620 typically at 1000 to 1500ppm.
  • Mix with the sludge for 5 minutes and then treat with OS 88 at up to 3000ppm.
  • Leave the sludge to separate.
  • At this stage, very slow agitation can assist complete separation. Fast stirring or pumped circulation is not recommended.
  • Viscous sludges will often separate after chemical treatment at ambient temperature.
  • When the oil content in the sludge is high viscosity, heating may be required.


Pack Sizes

WT 620 and OS 88 a re both available in the following sizes:

  • 1000 litre, 200 litre containers. 


Technical Data

Appearance Reddish brown viscous liquid
pH 5 to 7
SG 1.07 - 1.10
Flash Point >100°C
VOC content Negligible (N/A natural origin)

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