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Enduro Hand Sanitiser

Water-based, alcohol free hand sanitiser

A sporicidally active foaming hand sanitiser with 60 second kill rates, Enduro Hand Sanitiser is one of a new generation of water-based and alcohol free skin hygiene products.

  • 60 second kill rates against bacteria and fungi
  • Skin safe - dermatologically tested using 96 hour skin patch test
  • Proven residual activity against bacteria for up to 2 hours after application
  • Fast drying - no sticky residue
  • No perfume or smell


Kills 99.999% of bacteria

  • Tested according to International Standards EN 1276 & EN 1650 against MRSA, Salmonella & E.coli 

Kills Swine Flu H1N1

  • Screen tested against Swine Flu

Kills C.difficile spores

  • Sporicidally active and approved to International Standard EN 13704

Long lasting formula 

  • Gives up to 99.9% protection after 2 hours

Kind to skin & suitable for repeated use

  • Dermatologically tested - tested and shown to be safe for skin and suitable for repeated use.

Alcohol free formula

  • Non-flammable, safe to use and store and does not contribute to Climate Change

Dries quickly

  • with no sticky residue

Where to use

Quick drying, long lasting Enduro Hand Sanitiser is perfect for everyday use - anytime, anywhere!

Perfect for: 

  • Before beginning to prepare food. 
  • Before and after visiting the washroom.


How to Use

Enduro Hand Sanitiser is perfect for regular use, especially before eating and before and after visiting the bathroom.

Good hand hygiene is one of the most important and effective ways of stopping the spread of infections. Enduro Hand Sanitiser takes approximately 60 seconds to dry - allowing the user sufficient time to conduct proper cand cleaning protocols.

To use: wipe gently over front and back of hands and wrists, not forgetting fingernails, skin creases and between the fingers. Leave to dry naturally.

International Standards

Enduro Hand Sanitiser has been tested in accordance with the following European Standards: 

  • Bacteria to EN 1276 - against E.coliSalmonella enteritidisSalmonella typhimurium and MRSA
  • Viruses to EN 14476 - screen tested against H1N1 Swine Flu
  • Fungi to EN 1650 and EN 1275 - against Aspergillus niger and Candida albicans
  • Spores to EN 13704  - against C.difficile
  • Dermatologically tested - passed 96 hour skin patch test
  • Residuality tested - proven to provide 99.9% protection 2 hours after application
  • Kills MRSA in 30 seconds - proven to kill >99% of MRSA in 30 seconds

For further information or to request copies of our test certificates, please contact us.

The range of Enduro products are manufactured under ISO 22716 accredited standards.

Pack sizes

30ml foam dispenser - our smallest size for your convenience

 EHS 30F


30ml foam dispenser

Order code


Units per case

36 per case


50ml foam dispenser - ideal for your pocket or bag

 EHS 50F


50ml foam dispenser

Order code


Units per case

12 per case


250ml foam dispenser - designed for sitting beside sinks or on desks

EHS 250F 


250ml foam dispenser

Order code


Units per case

12 per case

Wall mounted dispensers

Manual - push type

MANW 800P 

Order code



0.8 Litre



Units per case

Sold individually


0.8 Litre refill


Fits dispenser


Order code



0.8 Litre

Units per case

12 per case

Technical Data

Appearance Pale yellow liquid
SG 1.00
pH 5.5 - 7.0
VOC content Negligible
Flash point >93°C
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